hello, this is just a little site for myself. always a work in progress and for an adult audience only. updates whenever.
it was built for desktop/chrome but is mobile friendly. uses iframes and javascript.
10 JUL 2024
new domain yaaaay
17 JUN 2024
added a minilog (microblog lol) to /diary
17 FEB 2024
finished homepage finallyyy, also set up gbook from before
15 DEC 2023
accidentally deleted the whole /diary layout (ノ=Д=)ノ┻━┻
5 DEC 2023
starting to chip away at the homepage, visual studio code <3
27 NOV 2023
/diary is up :D most important page first lmfao, also added entries from my now (semi)retired dreamwidth
18 NOV 2023
switched from neocities to leprd yaaay, gonna completely revamp the site
latest entry
busy, busy
Sun June 16 2024

waow long time no post, i’ve just been sooooo busy..

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